News Item: UFO Cigar Daytime Footage!
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Tuesday 16 October 2012 - 09:13:34

Here are some interesting daytime videos of Cigar or Cylinder shaped UFOS!

UPDATE: New video added.

Astronomer Allen Epling recorded the video above on October 16, 2012 with his telescope. He said the object did not move at all.

"It was just a very bright daylight star that was getting brighter, then getting dimmer, then getting brighter again," Epling said.

According to CBS affiliate WYMT-TV, Epling, pictured at right, said the object "looked like two fluorescent bulbs, side by side, parallel, shining very brightly. It would get so bright they would seem to merge, and you could see it very clearly with the naked eye. Then it would dim down almost invisible."

There is a longer clip of this on his Youtube channel. If you freeze that clip at 2:42 You'll see this cigar shaped object is made up of 2 very long tubes that are wrapped inside a transparent tube. The nose of the object is round with a orange tip. The object was reported up very high in altitude.

It could be some type of balloon tethered to the ground. However it's similar to many of the videos below.

Here's another interesting clip. There is a clip on Youtube of a cigar shaped blimp. But it looks different than these videos because it has fins on the back to it to help steer the blimp.

This clip is has a pretty clear shot of the object.

Here is another cigar shaped UFO and about half way into this video you'll see a cloud behind it start swirling and disappear. This object as taped June 12, 2004 just north of London. The witness estimated it to be 80 to 120 feet long.

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