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Friday 28 March 2014
  Day Light Disc over Costa Rica
Friday 28 March 2014 - 16:57:22 | red
Here is an interesting clip of a UFO filmed in close range over Costa Rica a while back during November 2007. I have witnessed and recorded this exact type of UFO many, many times over the years but never seen one this close up before.

A carpenter is working on some wood when he spots the object and gets out his phone that has a camera and records the object whiling calling for other coworkers to come and see the UFO.

What's seen in this video is an exact match to what I've seen with the naked eye and recorded on video back in the 90s. We referred these type of UFOS as 'Hockey Pucks' because of the distinct black rim that is seen on the bottom half of this two toned UFO.

This type of "hockey puck" UFO came on the UFO scene during the July 11, 1991 solar eclipse when numerous cameras recorded UFOS at various places all over Mexico.

The UFO was also spotted Mt. Unzen, Japan a few months later in November 23rd 1991. With our limited technology back then using analog cameras and low optical zooms (12x) it was difficult to good close up shot of these type of UFOS. They seem to rotate counter clockwise with a fast erratic wobble and seldom are spotted at very low altitudes. Most videos back then only scanned about 8-12 pixels of the objects. So when we did blows up the video you'd notice that thick black line under the UFO. There was much discussion if that black line was actually real and part of the object, or was it a video artifact or a defect that cameras create because there's not enough data to resolve what the object is. I did lots of tests on this using multiple camera of all kinds of known objects in the sky and determined that sometimes you can get this black line under balloon in the sky. But the line is very thin and if you zoom in really good to resolve what the object is the black line would go away.

So it seems we have both things going on here. Yes, that black line will appear on old video cameras under some circumstances, for instance jets 30 miles out with you coming in for a landing. But at the same time it appears the UFO also has this black paint on the bottom section of it for camouflage.

Since these objects kept there distance it was hard to determine the size of them. I had estimated by counting how many pixels the video would scan of the "hockey puck" against the size of known aircraft. My best guess was they are some where around 9 foot across to no larger than 30 feet in diameter. If I had to wager I'd say 9 feet. These "hockey puck" type of UFO seem too small for anything alive to be inside of it. It's most likely a probe or drone. The carpenter in Costa Rica said it was the size of a truck tire. So that can range from 3-5 feet for the average truck tire.

If this Costa Rica video is legit then it's safe to say these "hockey puck" UFOs have 50% of them painted black, they are small and it's designed to blend in as an optical illusion for most 90's era camera if it keeps it's distance around 5,000 feet from the camera.