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News - Category 'Nighttime'
  Huge UFO in Turkey 2007
Sunday 25 November 2012 - 17:20:17 | red
25 Nov : 17:20  by red

June 20, 2007 to August 24, 2007 - All in one video containing entire 2007 video from the Turkey UFO incident.

More case details:
The Kumburgaz case developed between the years of 2007, 2008, and 2009 over the Sea of Marmara along the coast of Istanbul. During that period of time reports of unknown aerial objects were reported in Turkey at the same time the Kumburgaz videos were taken by an employee at the Yeni Kent Compound. Many people who lived in the area witnessed what they described as a "disc like object" hovering silently and maneuvering over the sea. One singularity of this case was that the images were recorded with a camera that had an adapter for close ups capable of 200X optical, achieving a great amount of detail. Is the "disc" recorded in the footage the same object seen by the residents of Istanbul? One of the people who watched the events in person was a noted and respected researcher Roger Leir. He says he was standing only feet from the camera and it is absolutely real.

In this clip Dr. Leir shows enhancement of the center area of the object and says it looks like two Grey aliens are looking out of some kind of window.
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  Boomerang UFO Virginia
Monday 19 November 2012 - 13:49:14 | red
19 Nov : 13:49  by red
Here is an interesting clip of a Boomerang shaped UFO or flying wing over Virgina by Youtuber Carl6405.

He writes "I videotaped this air craft on October 1st, 2002 in Chesterfield, Va. Can someone identify this craft? Notice how the light configuration changes and also the angle of the wings seems to change after it passes over me."

Its too bad he didn't have nightvision. Clips of these Boomerang UFOS in good quality are quite rare. Its often said by skeptics that with everyone who has a digital camera on there smartphones why aren't there good UFO videos out there? This talking point never seems to die. I will point out that with the "Phoenix Lights" case which is one of the most documented cases of all time there was only 1 video clip of the Boomerang from that night. But there were 10s of thousands of witness all over the state of Arizona. When you talk to eyewitnesses they often say they were stunned to have the opportunity to see such a site that they didn't want to miss it and run inside to grab a camera. UFOs typically don't hang around for a long time and typically you have to pick which choice you'll decide to do. Watch it or run inside and hope you had a camera charged, tape was ready to go and start taping.
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