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  Two Jets Escort Triangular UFO
Wednesday 16 October 2013 - 17:10:46 | red

This video was recorded on August 2013 from a highrise apartment in New Jersey. This brief video shows a triangular shaped unknown object being escorted by two jets. There have been rumors of the US military having a triangular shaped object for decades. Many researchers often refer to it as the 'TR-3B'.

By the shear amount of drones the military currently has flying around the planet. It's a pretty safe bet at this point that the military does have more classified UFO looking aircraft in it's fleet. I'm not clear why they would fly something like this around in the daytime with nearly everyone carrying high definition cellphones cameras in their pockets.

A source of mine who was in the military says jets escorting new experimental aircraft are not there to protect it from a curious public in case it where to malfunction and crash. There main purpose would be to shoot it down in case the pilot in the experimental government looking UFO decides to try and steal it and defect to another country. This is a common sense practical way to deal with not letting your best gear fall into the hands of the enemy. Destroying top secret aircraft was done during the raid on Osama Bin Laden's house in Pakistan when the Navy Seals blew up their crashed stealth helicopter.

The two jets don't look like they are fighter jets armed and ready to bring down an aircraft from the looks of the video. This is all assuming the video is legit and not some computer fabrication. The video was submitted anonymously to a Youtube channel.

For all you readers of this website, this is a common catch 22 problem in the UFO field. If you publish your evidence anonymously, then your evidence don't carry much weight. If you go public with your real name and face it helps with the credibility of your evidence but comes with some nasty name calling by some trolls and so it's up to YOU to decide if it's worth it.

I've met many UFO hunters and skywatchers over the years. Some went public and had to deal with trolls, debunkers, con men and general pessimistic assholes. Others never had to deal with any of that at all.

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